is a private not-for-profit family foundation - a scholarly philanthropic organization for the advancement of world literature - founded in 2000.

The Mommsen Foundation was expressly formed to finance projects related to the advancement of world literature generally and Goethe Research specifically. 

The Foundation supports the advancement of Goethe Research through its funding of the eighteen or more volumes of a documentary work entitled Die Entstehung von Goethes Werken in Dokumenten, tracing the genesis of ca. 1,600 individual works by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832).

Additionally, from time to time the Mommsen Foundation uses its resources for the purpose of acquisition of Goethe Autographs. These are acquired with the intention of donating them eventually to repositories such as the Goethe-Schiller Archive in Weimar, Germany, and to other appropriate public institutions immediately associated with Goethe.


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